Kad pijem ne vozim (Don't drink and drive)
Animation, Art Direction, Copywriting
Client: Apatinska Brewery
Category: Alcohol & Beverage
Project tasks: Logotype, Visual Identity, Billboard Campaign, Promo Material and TVC
Year: 2011

AD&D: Goran Pandza
Copywriting: Filip Maric
Sound Design: Milos Ivanovic
Animation Design: Vladan Djuric

We were commissioned to create visual identity, outdoor campaign and TVC for the annual CSR campaign "Don't drink and drive". Logotype was inspired by the motorway line paintings as well as the tape that is being used on the accident sites. After creating the identity, we wanted to keep the campaign consistent and to address public with the clear message that would give them the information and to influence them, and at the same time to keep the identity of the campaign safe, since there is a lot of similar campaign organized. TVC was created as an animation, with the storyboard representing one typical evening, that should not be ended with driving and possible accident. We proposed couple of alternatives. The campaign was repeated the year after.
  • TVC
  • Billboard Campaign
  • Project: Kad pijem ne vozim
    Client: Apatinska BreweryAD&D: Goran Pandza
    Copywriting: Filip Maric
    Sound Design: Milos Ivanovic
    Animation Design: Vladan Djuric
    Year: 2011