Hiking Belgrade
Branding, Creative Direction, Graphic Design
Client: Hiking Belgrade
Category: Tourism, Sports and Lifestyle
Project tasks: Visual Identity
Year: 2015

Hiking Belgrade is a social project with the goal to explore nature of suburban Belgrade and offer one day hiking tours in Košutnjak, Dedinje and Avala. Created by Dušan Branković, a climber, caver, mountaineer, mountain rescuer, hiker and outdoor enthusiast, and Ana Marija Popović, tourism development specialist, this project aims to explore Belgrade as a touristic destination which goes beyond the city center and standard tours. It also aims to foster active lifestyle of both locals and visitors. It aims to give more of Belgrade.

Our job was to create visual identity that would easily corespond with the projects' mission and to design modern and engaging logotype that would communicate activity, walking and interaction with environment. Colors where the first obvious solution and the we created brand device that will be used easily. Since the website and the project itself is visualy primarily based in photography, we created simple patterns from the device that would be consistent with the photos and to create the whole visual impact that would not be in collision whatsoever.


AD: Goran Pandža
D: Irena Malić
Organization: Filip Marić
Photography: Slonoxy