Kosovo Serbia Live
Art Direction, Branding, Graphic Design
Client: NUNS (Nezavisno Udruženje Novinara Srbije - The Independent Journalists' Association of Serbia)
Category: NGO
Project tasks: Identity, Print and Web Material
Year: 2015

Relations between Serbia and Kosovo are still very fragile, and that is maybe even more obvious in the media sector. This project, funded and supported by the EU, is trying to strengten ties and create personal and proffesional relations between journalists from Serbia and Kosovo. Exchanges, visits, broadcasting and news sharing are part of the project which can be a starting point for a greater cooperation.

Our task was to create visual identity that could be seen as modern, progressive and to inspire people to see the project as something that could spark new relations between proffesionals in the sector. Apart from the identity and logotype, we have created various print material and web material for social networks and other media.

First training was attended by a total of 16 journalists, 8 from Kosovo and 8 from Serbia. "Voice", "Koha Ditore", "Kosovo 2.0", "CTR 21", "Kosovalive360", "Kohavision" and independent journalists in the training presented Kosovo, while the Serbian media participated "Vreme", "Novi magazin" "Newsweek", "Danas", "Beta", "Fonet", "CINSA" and "RTV Vojvodina".

Partner organizations are The Independent Journalists' Association of Serbia and KosovaLive.

AD&D: Goran Pandža
Graphic Design and Illustration: Irena Malić
Organization: Filip Marić