Guide Textbook
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Print Design
Client: Civic Initiatives
Category: NGO
Project tasks: Book Design
Year: 2014

Civic Initiatives have asked us to design a guide for trainers for the youthbuild project. Since we were collaborating on this programme for some time it was interesting to create a book that would include most of the things that we were experiencing.

Although it was a book with mostly textual content, there was a number of interesting statistics and informations that we used to create more dinamic and interesting layout. Client was satisfied because the guide was exactly as the wanted it to be - useful for the readers (helpful and practical), visually nice and pleasant (layout was clear and elegant) and appropriate for the ocasion and the project (under the identity of the programme).

D&AD: Goran Pandža
Design: Sonja Kovačević, Irena Malić
Organization: Filip Marić