Art Direction, Exhibition Design, Print Design
Client: Civic Initiatives
Category: NGO
Project tasks: Exhibition Concept, Print Design, Frame Construction and Event Management
Year: 2013

We were commisioned to create concept for an exhibition that marks seven years of collaboration between our client Civic Initiatives and their partner - ISC / USAID. Apart from concept, our job was to design panels that where printed on foam, create wooden frames and postulates, create 4 small video clips and coordinate everything. We had 7 days to create all of that, in a venue that we already new, which made things a little bit easier. At the end, event/exhibition was visited in large numbers with most of the members of NGO sector in Serbia attended.

Concept&Design: Goran Pandža
Design and Music for the Venue: Sonja Kovačević
Coordination: Filip Marić
Video and Sound Editing: Miloš Ivanović
Special Thanks: Scott Xtensen / Ivan Antović / Jelena Ožegović