Art Direction, Branding, Graphic Design
Client: Dob Ads
Category: SEO and Internet Marketing
Project tasks: Visual Identity
Year: 2012

AD&D: Goran Pandža
Graphic Design: Sonja Kovačević, Kristina Radovanović

We were commisioned by the client that operates in the internet marketing and seo area, to create logotype, visual identity and basic stationery material. Main goal of the project was to design identity that would be easily recognized, effective and somehow related to the field of work. Naming of the company made this work more interesting because of the versatility and flexibility that we were able to add to our approach. We decided to create two different versions of the logotype, each based on the fact that we are dealing with two core businesses: internet and ads. Chosen logotype was inspired by the newspaper ads, carefully adapted to save that look and feel, but to be modern at the same time. The second one had digital typeface and was designed to be easily connected with the digital marketing and internet as such.